Bmw n20 timing chain recall

Like Like. Probably the timing chain rails are starting to come apart causing the chain to whine,because now the chain has more slack in it. Mine sound exacly like your 2 videos bmwtechnican what should I do? Do my bmw warranty covers it? My xi engine just grenaded itself at just over 70K.

There might be some kind of class action lawsuit,you will have to scan the internet for a timing chain lawsuit. After becoming aware of the timing chain guide issue with this vehicle I inspected under the cap and think I am seeing similar wear to what you pictured. I live in Brisbane, Australia for context. Thank you for your time.

Thanks for the videos,it sounds ok,but I really need a video of the engine Erving up to rpm to rpm and back down if you could. Hello My bmw is a i km 60 miles Does it sound like timing chain? Like Liked by 1 person. Some info for u all out there! BMW thinks think it is the oil pump chain. I Suggested that they also changes the timing chain, they thought it was a good idea.

Hi Sir, appreciate the detailed explaining you did! Please let me know. Thanks so much. Thanks in advance. My BMW e91 have also the same problem I think. Can you please check my video? I have a X1. I called the local dealership in Ontario, Canada and they say based on the VIN, they are not seeing my X1 in the bulletin. Last 5 digits are Hello, Does the timing chain issue depend on where the build date of the car was?

Is it possible that the guide was different quality depending on the country of manufacture. No,accordingly to BMW all the engine were built the same and the same parts,it was only those couple of years where the timing chain and oil pump chain has issues,I still think the issue is quality and type of gasoline each country manufactured.

If I understand your comment. Are you saying that perhaps using top tier premium gas and even perhaps changing the oil often can delay or eliminate the chain problem? I have a X4 N20 at 72k miles. I am getting a noticeable whining noise when the car is decelerating or foot off the gas pedal when im on the highway around mph. I just came back from my trusted indy mechanic. But he did see the timing belt and tension is worn since I never changed it.

Hopefully that might solve the case.The technicians get very intimate and find other parts that need replacing which otherwise would have been overlooked. In this case it was a boisterous blower motor and elevated levels of noise coming from the front of the N20 engine. The latter was of greater concern. It was a few weeks ago when the shop foreman informed me that the he wanted to replace the timing chain but were going to hold off until the other issues were resolved.

Apparently there were and N20 and N26 powered vehicles coming back in with noises coming from the front of the engines that were a result of stretched timing chains. As luck would have it, today I received two updates. The first was that the Auto Start Stop failure was resolved. The second update pertains to the timing chain. BMW just redesigned the timing chain related components and my car will be one of the first to receive the update.

BMW recognized that the timing chains in the N20 and N26 engines are an issue and their technicians are proactively replacing them before any damage is done.

So the big news again is that BMW has redesigned the timing chain components. How exactly? What I do know is that the new components are in use in all N20 and N26 engines being manufactured today and the updated parts are being distributed to BMW dealers as we speak.

My i will be one of the first to get the retrofit but these parts are so new they are on back order. Estimated delivery for these parts is some time next week. The A. Share This Story.

BMW N20 Common Problems & Reliability Issues

Get our newsletter Subscribe.Horatiu Boeriu. A new BMW recall is coming in the near future. In a bulletin sent to BMW dealers, the company announces its intention to voluntarily recall certain model year equipped with the N20 or N26 engines. Continue Reading Below. The issue is related to a loss of power brake assist and failure of the vacuum pump.

bmw n20 timing chain recall

Customers will initially be informed of the Recall in November by letter; and again when parts become available. Affected vehicles in center inventory must not be retailed or delivered until the Recall repair has been performed.

Vehicles at BMW vehicle delivery centers will be corrected before shipment to your center. Situation: The oil supply via the intake camshaft to the vacuum pump could become restricted. If this were to occur, the vacuum pump could fail due to lack of lubrication, resulting in a loss of power brake assist.

A repair solution for vehicles already retailed is under development and not available at this time. The repair letter will be sent when the dealership has the necessary parts, tools and procedures to preform the repair.

The solution involves inserting a locking ring onto the camshaft so the oil supply to the brake assist vacuum pump is not impaired. The repair will take approximately two hours but can vary depending on your BMW dealers schedule. The repair will be preformed free of charge. Known accidents BMW is aware of three minor accidents with no confirmed injuries as a result of this problem. The NTSB has 7 reported incidents but that does not mean they have 7 accident reports.

Vehicles affected have experienced the failure at low millage. It is not clear if having a higher mileage car means you will not have the failure. As soon as you get the service letter that will be coming in December you should have the recall work performed. G80 M3. BMW recall. Facebook Twitter Whatsapp. You may also like.As the outgoing N52 and N53 were reliable engines, the BMW N20 had big shoes to fill, especially given its turbocharged design. Turbo engines are more complex and require several additional components, which means there are more things to potentially go wrong.

However, thus far, the N20 has proven to be a reliable engine without a significant number of common problems. Although the N20 is a reliable engine overall, the earlier models are plagued with timing chain issues that may be costly to fix. Simply because some engine problems are common does not mean they will indefinitely experience issues on every engine. Additionally, N20 engines are susceptible to many other issues that we will not classify as common issues, as they may only pop up on a small percentage of engines.

So, what are the most common issues on the BMW N20? The timing chain appears to be the number one fault on the N20, however, this issue is mostly prevalent on engines and vehicles produced prior to In JanuaryBMW redesigned the timing chain components, which seems to have significantly reduced the chance of failure.

In the unfortunate scenario where your N20 was not offered the extended warranty or is outside the age or mileage of the warranty, then the timing chain replacement can be a significant cost. In the worst scenario, a complete timing chain failure could potentially lead to engine failure. The most common symptom is a loud, noticeable whining sound from the N20 engine. An overwhelmingly loud whine may suggest the timing chain is beginning to fail.

Additionally, significant scoring or scratching on the timing chain may point to an underlying issue. Although, some scoring is normal due to age and wear and tear. The same may be said for slack or play in the timing chain; small amounts are normal, while significant slack or movement in the chain may suggest an issue. You may inspect the BMW N20 timing chain by peering through the oil cap. The timing chain seems to be the most significant issue on the N20, and primarily only affects vehicles produced before Apart from the timing chain it is tough to come up with any issues that are truly common to the BMW N Of course, as engines age and accumulate more mileage there may be some common issues that come up due to typical wear and tear.It was a few weeks ago when the shop foreman informed me that the he wanted to replace the timing chain but was going to hold off until the other issues were resolved.

Apparently early model N20 and N26 powered vehicles coming in to diagnose front engine noise. Turns out the irregular noises have been the result of stretched timing chains.

bmw n20 timing chain recall

Catastrophic engine failure can occur if the timing chain snaps or jumps a tooth on the gear. As luck would have it, today I received two updates. The first was that the Auto Start Stop failure for which I brought the car in originally, was resolved.

The second update pertained to the timing chain. BMW just redesigned the n20 timing chain related components and my i would be one of the first to receive the update. The good news is that BMW recognized the timing chain components in the N20 and N26 engines were prone to failure.

The big news here is that BMW has redesigned the timing chain components. How exactly? As of this writing, the update parts are back ordered and will soon be distributed to BMW dealers nationwide.Remember Me? Hey Everyone, I've been reading all of the pages of posts related to the timing chain problem with the N20 engine. It seems like the main reason people go off of this is because one guy wrote one article see below about how BMW changed a part number on that date.

Is RealOEM referring to build date, or model year? It's not uncommon for a factory to use up old supplies It seems like there are a lot of assumptions being made about this problem and very few of them have been backed up with official information from BMW or people directly involved with fixing the problem. Can anyone confirm, with a reliable source, a specific build date or model year that the timing chain fix was implemented? Thanks in advance for the help. Appreciate 2. Real OEM part numbers usually are correct and give the full on in date use of the part for a car.

That being said Not every car is affected but there were issues found on cars that had long service intervals.

The numbers they mention are of the production of car for that start date. You will never get the correct answer to this question but easiest thing to check would be to look inside your oil cap. If it is a coffee color chain guard than it is the new chain as the new plastic pieces that came in the kit are white and will get a little darker with oil and time. And BMW only replaced the entire assembly not just the chain itself as it was both the chain and the guides that had issues.

Last edited by D; at PM. Appreciate 3. I don't own one yet, but I've been seriously considering one of two CPO is. I'll definitely be checking under the filler cap before committing to anything.

I've read a few posts indicating all of the chain guides start white and darken over time.

bmw n20 timing chain recall

Are you sure the guide in that first picture isn't just darker because it's older? In this BMW N20 production video fromthe chain guides that are installed are white go to into the video. Last edited by saxman42; at PM. Delija I love it. Please come be a part of our community.

bmw n20 timing chain recall

Appreciate 0. Appreciate 1. Bilbofraggins Maybe I missed it, but did that guy even set the time on the chain?? I'm used to seeing 3 silver colored links, 1 that lines up with a dimple on each cam sprocket and 1 for the crank?

BMW Timing Chain Defects

Also, how did he even slip the bottom of the chain around the crank like that? Enlisted Member.According to the lawsuit, the vehicles are built with defective primary and secondary chain assemblies that cause acceleration problems and catastrophic engine failure.

On October 12,when the vehicle had 83, miles, the plaintiff says he heard a knocking noise coming from the engine and then couldn't get the vehicle re-started. But when the primary chain assembly fails, the teeth on the chain sprocket skips and the camshafts and crankshaft aren't synchronized.

BMW Redesigns N20 Timing Chain Components, N26 Too

The lawsuit alleges the plastic guide for the timing chain is made with a defective polycarbonate composition that causes the guide to break apart and lodge in the crankshaft drive sprocket, causing the chain to damage the engine.

As for the secondary chain, the lawsuit says it connects the oil pump and balance shaft assemblies to the crankshaft, but due to allegedly defective materials, the chain elongates and damages the sprocket. According to the plaintiffs, the owner's manuals don't contain requirements to inspect or maintain the primary and secondary chain assemblies even though the manuals include maintenance schedules for the vehicles up tomiles.

The lawsuit alleges this indicates BMW didn't expect the timing chain problems or the engines that prematurely fail.

BMW's BIGGEST Problem - N20/26 Timing Chain

The automaker allegedly concealed the timing chain problems even though BMW allegedly knew about the defects insomething that would have prevented the plaintiffs from buying the vehicles. The plaintiffs are represented by Joseph Santoli, Esq. BMW owners file timing chain lawsuit alleging N20 and N26 engines fail prematurely.